Privilege cards (P-cards)

If you’re not a current member of the MIT community, you can purchase a Privilege Card to gain borrowing rights at the MIT Libraries. A Privilege Card will allow you to borrow materials, with some exceptions, in accordance with library policy. Please note, purchasing a P-card does NOT give you off-site access to online databases and journals.


Abuse of MIT Libraries’ regulations may result in confiscation of cards and cancellation of library privileges. For more information, see library use policy and computer use policy.

Buying a Privilege Card

Individuals must use the Privilege Card Order Form (Cards cannot be purchased in person). 1 business day of processing time is required to activate borrowing privileges. See section on Privilege Cards in Pricing Information.
Questions? Contact us.

Corporate and organizational discounts

Discounts are available when members of a corporation or organization enroll for Privilege Cards at the same time as a group. This discount program allows companies or organizations to purchase multiple cards, however, the same regulations above apply to Privilege Cards purchased by groups or individuals. See section on Privilege Cards Pricing Information for organizational discounts.

Please contact us prior to placing an order for Privilege Cards in order to receive this discount.