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Baker Library, Harvard Business School

Privileges for MIT faculty, students and staff at Harvard’s collections:

NOTE: Baker Library is a private research facility which supports the educational and research needs of the Harvard Business School community, and the needs of the greater Harvard University community. Consistent with its primary purpose and to the fullest extent possible, Baker Library recognizes the legitimate research needs of scholars and researchers who need access to the Library’s unique collections.

Who has access:

MIT Sloan School students:
Free access on presentation of a valid student picture ID

MIT Doctoral students in other departments:
Free browsing access, but no borrowing of materials, on presentation of:

  • a valid student picture ID
  • a letter verifying their current status as a Ph.D. candidate — the letter must be:
    • on MIT letterhead
    • from the student’s faculty advisor, academic department headquarters, or the Registrar’s Office

Other MIT students:
Access available for $15 per day, on presentation of a valid student picture ID

MIT faculty:
Free access, on presentation of a valid MIT faculty picture ID

Scholars with a legitimate research need to access unique historical materials may be granted free access to the Historical Collections Department of Baker Library for a limited period of time. The Historical Collections Department determines the eligibility access to its collections.