MIT Libraries

Computer use policy

This policy is part of the Guidelines for use of the MIT Libraries.


  • Library computers and related equipment are to be used to access information resources for scholarly, research, or educational needs.
  • Users are expected to:
    • Respect the rights of other users and abide by all Institute and Libraries’ policies, as well as all licensing and contractual agreements.
    • Use equipment in a safe manner and should not damage equipment or facilities.

Priority for use

  • MIT faculty, students, staff and other current affiliated MIT users have priority* for accessing electronic resources and using library computer equipment.
  • Outside users may be asked to relinquish computers to MIT faculty, staff or students at any time.
  • Any user may be asked to show valid identification.
  • Some computers may provide access to unique and specific resources. Use of these resources takes priority over other activities on these computers. These machines may have special access rules that will be posted.

Computers may not be used for:

  • Display of sexually explicit images or sounds. These may create a hostile environment and could constitute sexual harassment according to the Institute’s policies on harassment.
  • Conducting commercial activity as described in MITnet Rules of Use.
  • Recreational use by outside users.  

The MIT Libraries may limit or refuse access to individuals or groups who fail to comply with these policies.

February 2008


*Federal document access:  As a selective US Federal Depository Library, the MIT Libraries will provide access to government information in accordance with the requirements of the Depository Program.  Depository users must adhere to the same standards of behavior expected of other library patrons.